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Are Free Gift Cards a Scam?

The very words: “free gift cards” seem to fall into the “too good to be true” category, and the common wisdom is that if something seems to good to be true it is.

Free is a powerful word in the English language! But what is free to the company offering the card may not seem so to the customer/consumer.  So a degree of doubt is healthy and can help you avoid being a victim of a free gift cards scam.

Just remember:  you usually will need to invest your time to get the free card.  So ask yourself:  What’s my time worth compared to the value of the card being offered?

But if your current situation leaves you with more time than money, then free gift cards may be worth considering

Also, you want to honestly consider the following questions:

  • Do you have the patience to complete surveys and register for trial offers?
  • Do you have the organization skills to keep track of those trial offers terms and when the free period ends and the paid subscription begins?
  • Do you have the persistence to resolve a possible glitch in canceling a trial subscription?

If you answer “no,” then all those free gift cards online being offered may not be right for you.

But if you still want to take advantage of cash back offers on things you are already doing and purchases you now making, then consider GPT sites that offer you cash for reading emails, making purchases socializing online, or completing surveys and playing games.  In addition to cash, sometimes GPT sites also reward you with those very same free gift cards online.

If you answer these questions “yes,” then, free gift cards may be worth a try.  You can find a range of options including restaurant gift cards, free $500 gift cards for use at major stores and some cards with values as high as $1,000.

Just do your due diligence so you don’t fall for a free gift cards scam and instead get real value for your efforts.


You might want to consider not using your primary email address for completing these offers.  You can get a free email account just for use at

21 replies on “Are Free Gift Cards a Scam?”

Some time ago I found a site where you can get free gift cards.. it really is that simple!

You just have to Signup, Complete Offers, Receive Gift Cards!

These are not those long drawn out surveys that never seem to end. Their surveys are simple and only take a few minutes!

Most of the offers are things you would normally do online anyway,
so it makes sense to get rewarded for doing it!

They even give away one free $25 gift card every week to a random member.

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